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Our Latest Adventure

 Hold on tight to those magical and memorable bedtime moments. 
When it's time to say goodnight, who do you love "more than that?" 

Ilustrated by Tsabitha Yahya

About the Author

Jennifer Chalmers currently lives in Rockland, Ontario

with her two daughters.

It wasn't long ago her daughters would ask her to tell them new stories that would include them as characters.

From there, Jennifer discovered her new passion for storytelling inspiring young minds to explore their imagination and create versions of people that they one day hope to become.

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"I love you more than that" is a story that every mother and child can relate to. Nothing is more precious than the innocence of a child. This story shows us that most often they are blessed with a special wisdom too. A great addition to the home library."

Nicole Favreau, Cumberland ON

"A heartwarming story sure to be a bedtime favourite that kids and parents will reach for time and again!"

Mariana Brandao, Ottawa ON

"You’ll love curling up with your own little bear for this sweet story at bedtime. It’s the perfect way to end the day and will be sure to make you feel grateful for your precious time spent together. A must-have for any new family"

Jolyne Pepe, Ottawa ON

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